Scé­na­rio : Dries Hey­ne­man, Zou­zou Ben Chi­kha, Wannes Cappelle
Réa­li­sa­tion : Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fal­lah, Mathieu Mortelmans
Inter­pré­ta­tion : Yas­sine Ouaich, Ahlaam Tegha­doui­ni, Ben Hami­dou, Saïd Bou­ma Zou­ghe, Char­lotte De Bruyne, Peter Van den Eede, Jean-Benoit Ugeux,…
Tour­nage : automne 2020.
Pro­duc­tion : Luna­nime, VIER
8 X 45′

Anyone who, as a Mus­lim, kicks the bucket in Bel­gium, saddles their next of kin with a deli­cate dilem­ma : “Do we bury them here or in the coun­try of ori­gin?” The young Ish­mael ‘Smile’ Bou­las­moum, who toge­ther with his sis­ter inhe­rits his father’s repa­tria­tion busi­ness, finds a solu­tion : what if we bring soil from Moroc­co to bury our dead in it ? We’re star­ting a busi­ness in soil ! Without rea­li­zing it, they open Pandora’s ‘cof­fin’.